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Sara Dubler

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As a professional Social Media Consultant, I am dedicated to forming meaningful partnerships and achieving tangible results. With a background in agency work and retail content, my passion for social media has grown immensely. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience in diverse industries such as education, tourism, hospitality, insurance, and even the medical field. These unique opportunities have enabled me to leverage my expertise and establish my own consulting business.

I specialize in various areas including social media management, content creation, influencer marketing, personalized 1-1 or group workshops, as well as developing and executing effective social media strategies. My ultimate goal is to help you expand your client base and foster stronger connections with your target audience. Rest assured, I am driven by a commitment to excellence and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


Valued Clients

Memorable Collaborations


PUBLICIS Communications 

I have been hired to assist a team as a senior copywriter for an important luxury Swiss brand for a period of 6 months. I have been writing social media copy and helped brainstorm for content ideas and visuals.


Garden centre Bronnimann

I have been working with Nicolas and his teams for over 5 years now. We have developed new services, websites, events and especially their social media.


Glacier 3000

I came in one day a week to help manage the digital marketing for this amazing tourist destination. We worked on various campaigns, collaborated with lifestyle and sports influencers as well. I was also assisting with event management for their key events such as the Freeride weekend and the Glacier Run.



I spent 4 months working on making their programme content more social media friendly. We were putting out this content mainly across LinkedIn and Facebook.


Hôtellerie Suisse Romande

I am a social media partner for the organisation and I do audits as well as personalised workshops for hotels. I also teach workshops a few times a year to groups of hotels. We focus on social media and influencer marketing.



I have been brought in to give the occasional social media and influencer marketing classes to professionals in the hospitality, tourism or education industries



I am working with AXA Rive Gauche in Geneva as they came to me wanting to build their online presence as an agency. We have developed a strategy for LinkedIn, Facebook and instagram.



I have worked on numerous projects with Swissmilk.
I was creating content, writing articles for their blog.
I also was a podcast for their first season of their show: Vachement Frais.


Vacherin Mont-D’Or AOP

I was mandated for a season to create recipe videos for the brand. They wanted me to be creative with the product and find new ways of consuming the cheese. We filmed indoors, outdoors. Sales for the product increased that year and the engagement on our content was very high versus previous years.



I was mandated to host a series of social media videos around the restaurant scene in Lausanne and Geneva. 



For the launch of the new Steampod 4, I ran and managed the influencer campaign across the Suisse Romande. I managed all the influencers and their content, did the reporting and analysed the results of this campaign.

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